Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm Not Losing My Daughter!

May 26th 2005

This is an extremely brief synopsis of our families experiences with the Kansas SRS and those agencies it supports financially and has control over.

On November 29 2004, my court appointed attorney stipulated to the Miami County District Court that my 15 year old daughter was a child in need of care (CINC). I had not stipulated that Cora was a child in need of care, nor had I signed anything stating that I agreed to give my daughter over to the custody of the Kansas SRS. But in spite of these facts, Cora was handed over to the Kansas Secretary of Social Rehabilitation Services leaving both she and I in a state of mind numbing shock. The hearing lasted less then twenty minutes and in that length of time, there were no witnesses who spoke against us or subsequently questioned. Neither Cora or I were allowed to speak but "just like that", she was placed in the custody of the state and taken to live in a stranger's house.

Truancy and lack of supervision in the opinion of the court is all it took to destroy our family. An attorney who later became familiar with the case called it "a trumped up" truancy charge. Just what does being unsupervised mean with regards to a 15 year old? Should these opinions be just cause for a child to be taken from her family and placed in a foster home? This is what happened to my family. The question is, Why?

In looking back, I now recognize what appears to be the conspiratorial efforts of the Kansas SRS in totally destroying my family, which ended in Cora being taken into SRS custody. This briefly explains how it began.

In the summer of 1994, Cora's oldest brother, Shawn, was diagnosed with bi polar and schizoid affective disorder. He entered the Rainbow Mental Hospital in Kansas City Kansas, where he was prescribed the combination of drugs, Lithium and Mellaril, which I was to learn last summer, should not be prescribed together. However, as a result of taking these drugs, his brain and nervous system became toxic, and without warning, a few days before his 21 birthday, he attempted to end his life by breathing carbon monoxide from the exhaust of his car. He was in a coma for six weeks which left him permanently disabled. In January 1995, we brought him to live with us instead of having him placed in a nursing home.

My first encounter with the state CPS agents occurred in the summer of 96' to question my husband and I about Cora's younger sister Lee Ann. We had recently enrolled her in a nearby church preschool to enjoy the company of other children, two half days a week. But in a short time we were contacted by the SRS with a letter that asked that an agent visit our home to answer questions regarding a bruise that was seen on her leg. With nothing to be concerned about, we allowed the agent to enter our home and we freely answered her interrogations. She left and we did not hear from her again.

Years later.

Enter Eric Lungstrum of the Johnson County Mental Health Community Support Services and Shawn's Social Worker in 2001, insisted on taking Shawn to the housing authority to apply for government housing section eight voucher against the families better judgment. Shawn was comfortable living with us in our house where he had an entire level to himself and equipped for all his wheelchair accessible needs. His older sister and I made an appointment to meet with Mr. Lungstrum at the Perkins Restaurant where we spent over an hour explaining that Shawn is brain damaged, not just mentally ill and that combined with his severe physical limitations he is not a good candidate for living alone. Still, Eric made the appointment and picked Shawn up to take him to the housing authority to fill out the application. Not trusting the motives based on past years involvement with the Johnson County Mental Health Community Support Services, I decided to go with them and supervise the application process as Shawn is highly suggestible and incapable of making important decisions without a trustworthy person present. While sitting next to Shawn, Eric directed his answers on his application. I intervened where necessary to ensure Shawn was answering the questions accurately.

Shawn's doctor wrote a letter to the housing authority explaining that Shawn must have someone to attend him at all times. With this note the Johnson County Housing Authority issued him a two bedroom voucher, one for him and one for his caregiver.

We bought a house that was wheelchair accessible and moved Shawn in and I continued as his caregiver or the more familiar title, Mom. Within a few months the team at JCMH Community Support Services removed Shawn from his home and placed Shawn to live with an elderly women in her section eight apartment, breaking his lease with me. The Miami County housing authority then breached our contract and the payments for his rent stopped. I was sued for the lease payments that had been paid to me up to the point he moved away. Over the course of the next two years, Shawn was beaten, robbed, and exploited by opportunists he'd met at the mental health center. He had multiple hospital emergency room visits for various reasons stemming from living alone and living with abusive women who were clients of the mental health center. The SRS struggled for many years to take Shawn from my care and supervision to be exploited and neglected by the agency named, Coalition for Independence in Kansas City Kansas. Then the big push happened and with concerted efforts that include the SRS, Johnson County Mental Health Community Support Services and EcKan Section Eight Housing dept. in Osawatomie Ks., Shawn was taken from his home and subsequently alienated from his family. At the time of this writting, and after much troubles brought on our family by the SRS and the Johnson County Mental Health Community Suport Services and other government agencies, Shawn is back home where he's regaining his health after being exploited and neglected by the above mentioned agencies for almost three years.

Fast forward: Cora entered public school in Aug. of 2002 for the first time since second grade. Her summer vacation was filled with establishing herself with newly formed friendships in Paola, and working with her horses. (Everything seemed to be going great for our family, in spite of the fact that I had just lost my job as personal care attendent for my son, which was funded by his HBCS disability waiver, that accounted for the overnight loss of an annual income of over $28,000.00 year).

In Aug. 2003 Cora entered her second year of public school and I went to work at a sandwich shop.

Cora aquired a boyfriend which started up her desire to date but at age 15, she wasn't allowed to date or be a passenger in her boyfriends car. This created some struggles between us because she liked riding around in his car. "Normal teen stuff".

Around Late Jan. 04 while I was at work, my husband got into a conflict with Cora because she wanted to walk to a neighbors house and he wanted to drive her there. When I arrived home from work I was told that she had left and I must go find her. I went to the friends house to pick her up but she said that she had been kicked out of the house. Upset, she wasn't ready to come home right then. Upset, I applied for a restraining order, and he left. Cora came back home. Then on court day the Judge found no evidence for abuse and drops the order and he moved back into our home. At this point, I moved to our city house, and the girls decided that they didn't want to leave the farm and animals and friends etc.

After I moved out, my husband became very depressed. Cora reacted by spending more time away from the home. Either the SRS called him or he called them... I don't know but by April 04..... Mr. Purbeck, vice principle of the Paola High School, began stalking her. He followed her throughout the day from class to class, sitting and watching her. She asked him "why are you following me"? And then she told him to stop, but he wouldn't. She said that this went on for about three weeks. This I believe, began her total unraveling... Which diminished her ability to concentrate on the stricter aspects of her academic responsibilities.

I met with the Principle on May 5th 2004 to discuss my concerns regarding the behavior of Mr. Purbeck following my daughter throughout her day in school. The principle informed me that Mr. Purbeck had been instructed to follow Cora by the SRS but the activity has ceased because in his words, "there'd been a mistake". But as I reflect back, the damage had already been done. It was during this meeting that I'd requested that Cora be placed in alternative education classes the following school year. Later that month, Vice Principle Mr. Purbeck refused my note excusing Cora's absence from school when she traveled with her boyfriend's family to attend a funeral in west Kansas. He Mr. Purbeck reported Cora to the SRS and it's contracted, Farm Inc. as being truant. This led to Court ordered $$$Family Preservation$$$ using the SRS contracted, DCCCA, (see Link below) that enabled informant "LauraLea", to spy into our intimate family dynamics every week for approximately six weeks. Laura Lea learned of Cora's desire to attend alternative education. Later in the summer, Lauralee presented Cora with the class schedule for the AEP. The schedule was designed in such a manner that it will be physically impossible for anyone to adhere too. The school is miles away from home. Cora has no car and no license to drive. This schedule was intended to discourage Cora and it was intended to be another block in her path to being successful in public school. There is no way that this was a mistake. It was maliciously crafted specifically for my daughter to complete her demise with intent to feed her to the foster care system.

This is the AEP schedule generated for Cora.

Cora is to be transported by school bus to AEP at 7:05 am.

She attends classes till late morning and is dismissed prior to lunch.

She is offered NO Transportation back to her Home.

Cora must report back to AEP classes at 6 PM in the evening.

She's in class till after nine with NO transportation arrangements
back home.

Five days a week, every week of the school year.

Needless to say, this is an impossible schedule for a 16 year old to adhere too. She wondered how she would have time for her friends? She's very sociable. How is my bright young highly social daughter going to keep and maintain her friendships with a schedule like this? How would she participate in other after school events? How does a part time job fit in?

Cora took the only other option she had and that was to take a regular class schedule at the PHS where she had to face Mr. Purbeck daily whom she had grown terrified of. She was to then learn that students who were placed on the AEP list after her, were given class schedules with regular hours that allowed them to take the school bus to and from school.

In spite of all that she'd been through during the year, Cora attended regular classes at the high school. As far as I knew, she was doing her best. I was not aware of truancies taking place. No one from the school or the SRS phoned me to discuss any concerns they were having or if there was anything I should know that I didn't already know about her.

Toward the middle of Oct. 04 Cora became sick with bronchitis. She went to school, she went in to see the nurse who confirmed that she was sick and sent her home. Cora went to her boyfriend's family home instead. She spoke to the vice Principle Purbeck, he accused her of being truant, and he obviously had reported Cora to the Child farm Inc. and the Kansas SRS, because he told her that he would not excuse her absence or accept a note from her mom excusing her absence. And then on the evening of Oct. 28th 2004 (which is also my disabled son's birthday), Cora called me from a foster house to tell me that she had been taken by the SRS and an agent for the Child farm Inc. who were accompanied by a police officer. She was heldover at the Farm Inc. while they processed her into their system before being transported to the foster house at about 10 pm that night. She said that she was prevented from coming home and prevented from calling me. When she asked to come home the farm worker said to her, "your mom does not want to take you in". I asked her how this statement made her feel, and she said, she didn't believe her. I assured her that I would never say such a thing about any of my children. She said that the police officer who attended her abduction told her that the SRS tell lies.

I spent the entire next day, Friday Oct 29th calling and sending faxes to SRS offices in both Johnson and Miami counties in an attempt to learn what had just happened to her. But to no avail. She was not going to be brought home.

I believe that Cora was set up. Her vice principle was used by the SRS and the Farm Inc. to finger her with truancy and the only way to do this was by the tactics and manipulation of the school district, the DCCCA and Attorneys, and finally the Judge, that led to my daughter being placed in Kansas SRS custody.

I've consistently provided a home for my children. I have a history of dedication and service to my children. I have no drug or alcohol problems. The SRS has been in and out of my house more times the any other family that I know because my son Shawn was and is in the system.

From the beginning of her abduction she and I have been given a punitive visitation schedule. One hour a month supervised. Phone calls are monitored by an agent and the experiences are made disturbing all throughout our visits when our conversations are constantly interrupted to the point it spoils our visit altogether leaving us both upset. This is not the kind of treatment a family recieves whom they intend for reintegration. I'm very upset and I'm not going to accept this lying down. This experience will be used to help others who have gone through this or will go through this in the future.

Our family has had to deal with circumstances beyond our control. We've been faced with overwhelmingly tragic circumstances over the past eleven years, most families never have to experience. Without taking these into consideration, the court has relied solely on information provided to it by Mr. Purbeck VP of PHS, the Kansas SRS, the Farm Inc. and highly prejudiced information from the ex husband, Only. I've filed several documents with the court describing the extremely stressful circumstances that our family has endured, in hopes that the judge will take them into consideration and allow Cora to be free to come home.

The judge determined that the court made mistakes by not allowing either of us to speak during the first adjudication hearing on November 29 2004, and has set aside That adjudication. Another adjudication hearing is scheduled for June 3 2005.

This is an extremely brief recap of our story. But I'll add that the Kansas SRS agents began spreading ludicrous rumors about me beginning as late as 2002. I caught wind of some of these rumors over the weeks and months from different people that knew my family and were connected with the SRS system in one way of the other. I hope to get more details documented as time and inspiration provides. I've been told that the reason the SRS targeted my family for destruction was due to their assumptions that I was using my son Shawn to make money for myself. Anyone who knows me on a friendly basis knows that this is simply not true. Money does not bring happiness. There is NO AMOUNT of money that can replace the health of my son Shawn. He was given a poisonous combination of drugs from a Kansas SRS hospital, he is now diffusely brain damaged, and the Kansas SRS and the Johnson County Mental Health Community Support Services spent all their time money and efforts to cover over this fact. I was to learn the facts about this atrocity only last summer. When I got my son back from their evil hold last May, the SRS immediately took action to target my daughter Cora in another attempt to completely destroy our family. It's hard to explain, one has to have the unfortunate experience of dealing with these people to have any concept of what our family has been through. The SRS and it's followers may not think I have the ability to put together in words, the aweful events our family has suffered these past eleven years, but I am going to do it if it's the last thing I ever do.

The pain and suffering that my son and now my daughter has been through, has been excruciating. We have been hit by the SRS and their hospitals and thier prisons, and their secret agents acting as concerned supporters, again and again. But no more. I've had enough! I will not remain silent another day. It may take a while to get my story written because the history spans the length of eleven years but I will get it all documented and hopefully the events that our family has suffered will prevent a tragedy from occuring with other families in the future.

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